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CloudCompare is an open source tool for working with 3D point clouds and meshes. I release and support the macOS versions.

The current versions of CloudCompare and ccViewer require Mac OS X 10.12+. For Mac OS X 10.10-10.11, please use version 2.9.1. For Mac OS X 10.9, please use version 2.6.1.

Please report any issues through GitHub.

Windows and Linux versions may be found on the main CloudCompare site.



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The macOS CloudCompare build includes the following plugins:

  • Animation (record movies) [as of v2.7]
  • Broom (clean surfaces) [as of v2.8]
  • CANUPO (automatic point cloud classification) [as of 2.10] new
  • Compass (structural geology toolbox) [as of v2.9]
  • CSF (cloth simulation filtering) [as of v2.8]*
  • Facets (extract planar facets) [as of v2.7]
  • HoughNormals (normal estimation for unstructured point clouds) [as of v2.8]
  • HPR (Hidden Points Removal)
  • HM3C2 (multiscale model-to-model cloud comparison) [as of v2.8]
  • PCV (ambient occlusion for mesh or point cloud)
  • Poisson (surface mesh reconstruction for closed surfaces)
  • SRA (surface of revolution analysis)

* It was brought to our attention that the contributed qCSF plugin used a copyrighted image. This plugin has been removed from all previous releases until the next release (2.11) can sort that out.

Both CloudCompare and ccViewer include support for the following optional file formats:

  • CSV Matrix I/O file format (*.csv) [as of v2.7]
  • E57 format (*.e57) [as of v2.10] new
  • Drawing Exchange Format (*.dxf)
  • Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) raster formats
  • PDMS Format (*.pdms *.pdmsmac *.mac) [as of v2.9]
  • Photoscan (*.psz) [as of v2.8.0]
  • LIDAR point cloud (*.las, *.laz) (LAS format <= 1.3)

and these OpenGL shader filters:

  • EDL (Eye Dome Lighting)
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)

Older versions: