Andy Maloney has been a software guy since the dawn of the home computer age and likes to learn new things. He completed a degree in Computing and Information Science, which turned out to be a Good Thing because it’s only useful when combined with other fields which means there’s a lot of opportunity to learn New Stuff.

He has worked on hard-core software engineering of banking software, designed and implemented a derivatives trading system in Europe, worked on game engine software for independent game developers, worked with a team to design and build an online disaster restoration project planning tool, created a bloodstain pattern analysis tool for crime scene investigators, and created a tool for exploring some cognitive science ideas. He also likes reading books and drinking coffee and will now stop writing about himself in the third person.

This site is for me to dump little code snippets, cool tools relating to software development, or anything else I find interesting for future reference or for the edification of the masses if they choose to stop by for a virtual coffee.

I may also be found here: