Packaging a Mac OS X Application Using a DMG

I learned early on in my software career that packaging up a release of an application can be a real pain. Not only is it time consuming, but it is quite easy to forget a file or miss something when there are so many steps involved and you have to do it frequently. The solution to this is to automate the process. Putting together scripts to package up a release helps avoid missing steps and speeds up development and deployment of releases and updates.

One of the challenges of automating this on Mac OS X is figuring out how to script the creation of Apple disk image (DMG) files. Getting the arguments to hdiutil correct can be quite a challenge! In this post, I’ll give an example of a script I use to do the following:

  • Copy all the necessary files to a staging area
  • Strip and compress the executable files and libraries
  • Create a DMG of the correct size for the release
  • Add a link to /Applications to the DMG
  • Add a background to the DMG so when it opens up your company logo or application graphic appears
  • Check the background image’s DPI to ensure it is 72. Fix it if it’s not.
  • Resize the window and icons, and position items in the DMG so when it opens everything is in the right place
  • Create a final, compressed DMG

Packaging An Application Using a DMG

Packaging An Application Using a DMG

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Clean Up Your LinkedIn Page

Over the years, LinkedIn has been adding “content” to the data feed and to the right-hand side of the home page which cannot be turned off in the preferences – things like Jobs You May Be Interested In (I’m not) and Companies You May Want To Follow (I don’t). The worst of these is the LinkedIn Today blob at the top of the updates.

LinkedIn Today Blob

LinkedIn Today Blob

When it initially showed up, I put in a ticket asking how to turn it off and was told that they were working on it. Six months later I hadn’t heard back, so I asked again (and again) and they have now informed me that it’s permanent.

Well I’ve decided to make it unpermanent by hiding all these spammy bits with Adblock Plus. (If you are not surfing with an ad blocker, you should. Adblock Plus is simple to install and it will enhance your browsing experience and your life in general.)

LinkedIn Today - Kill It With Fire!

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Update 07 May 2012: Added instructions to remove Sponsored Content
Update 18 July 2014: Added instructions to remove LinkedIn Pulse

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